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Via Palius 18 | 7165 Brigels
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Mountain spa

Our award-winning mountain spa spans 500 square metres. It is a place to lean back, do nothing and take in your warm, comforting surroundings. Its walls are made from coarse Vals quartzite and aged fir wood for a natural atmosphere full of warmth. Our spa section will indulge your every sense with a Finnish and a herbal sauna, sensory showers, two steam baths and a wellness pool with integrated massage loungers and a water temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. High-grade beauty treatments, relaxing massages, effective facials and traditional full-body treatments will leave you thoroughly relaxed and rejuvenated. Rest on spa clouds in the wellness section of Our Bergspa Hotel LA VAL.
Time to get some rest ...
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Finnish Sauna

Break a sweat: relax and do something for your health in our Finnish sauna. It will leave you feeling rejuvenated and free you from your everyday worries. Its hot, dry air alleviates circulatory problems, strengthens the heart, prevents colds and improves blood flow to the muscles.
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Herbal sauna

Herbal sauna: the pleasant aroma of fresh mountain herbs from the Surselva District wafts through our herbal sauna. Lean back, relax and take a deep breath. The herbal sauna with its mild climate and earthy scents gently cleanses and purified the body. A vitalising, regenerative process begins as soon as you get used to the gentle, pleasant heat.
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Steam bath

Steam to relax: with its perfect combination of heat and moisture, our steam bath has an atmosphere similar to that of our Finnish sauna. It is comforting, relaxing and cleansing. The steam opens your pores and leaves your skin purified and radiant.

Bogn d’eucaliptus
The essential oil that evaporates into the warm, aromatic steam of our eucalyptus sauna is a boon for your airways and balm for your skin and hair.

Our pleasantly hot bath will make you feel snug and safe at 40–50 °C. Its even heat is gentle on the circulatory system. It cleanses and relaxes the body.

Sensory shower
What does summer rain in the mountains feel like? Or an icy mist on your skin? Our sensory shower allows you to experience these sensations with warm or tingling drops of water. Let your mind and senses float into spheres of relaxation in our aromatic shower, surrounded by sensual scents.

Cosmetic treatments

Be beautiful: our professional spa teams deliver high-quality beauty treatments and effective facials to make you feel and look radiant.
Be classy, be trendy – we are good at both. Besides traditional beauty treatments, we use effective trends from the international world of cosmetics.
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Let go and unwind: our experienced spa therapists have magical hands. and know that a massage can be a true miracle of relaxation. Their professional massages cater to your individual needs. They relieve tension all over your body and revitalise tired legs and swollen feet. In addition to traditional massages, we also specialise in hot stone massages.
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Full-body Treatment

From head to toe: a treat for your whole body.

For our full-body treatments, we use the exclusive products by Ligne St Barth and Thalgo.
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Day spa

External guests are welcome to indulge their senses and bodies in our day spa. Please refer to our menu for the available day spa packages. Rates & Packages
Entrance area
Entrance / hallway
Wet area
Herbal sauna
Drinking fountain
Ice fountain
Sensory shower
Eucalyptus steam bath
Private sauna / infrared cabin
Men's changing rooms
Women's changing rooms
Rest area
Spa terrace
Outdoor stairs to the bistro terrace

At a glance

A Entrance area
A1 Entrance / hallway
B Wet area
B1 Herbal sauna
B2 Finnish Sauna
B3 Drinking fountain
B4 Ice fountain
B5 Sensory shower
B6 Steam bath
B7 Eucalyptus steam bath
C Cosmetic treatments
D Private sauna / infrared cabin
E1 Men's changing rooms
E2 Women's changing rooms
F Toilets
G Reception
H Massage 1
I Massage 2
J Full-body applications
K Rest area
L Pool
M Spa terrace
N Outdoor stairs to the bistro terrace


We want to make your stay in our mountain spa to be as pleasant as possible. Please take note of the following points:

Please book all treatments prior to your arrival if possible. This helps us ensure that our therapists are available and your stay is optimally planned.

Please tell our staff about any possible contraindications when you book your stay. This includes pregnancy, hypertension and any other health conditions.

We recommend to wear your bathrobe when you come to your massage appointment. Alternatively, you can change in our attractive changing area. There are lockers at your disposal. Keys are available from the reception desk. In the pool area, swimwear must be worn.

Please come to us 5 minutes before your appointment. Your time at our spa should be relaxed and unhurried. Avoid large meals and alcoholic drinks for one to two hours before your treatment. Please always shower before your visit to the spa, sauna or pool.

Avoid strenuous activity immediately after your treatment. Drink sufficient amounts of tea or water. We recommend that you spend half an hour resting in our rest area after the treatment. Mineral water, fruit, nuts and various wellness teas are available free of charge.

Visitors of our sauna area must be 16 years or older. The entire sauna area is a nude zone.

Please be quiet and considerate in the entire spa and especially in the sauna area, wellness pool and rest area.

Our mountain spa is an area of rest and relaxation. Children under the age of 14 are not allowed in the rest area and wellness pool. Visitors of our sauna area must be 16 years or older. Our little visitors can play in the pool for one hour every day (4:00 pm to 5:00 pm).

Treatments can be cancelled free of charge until 8 hours before your appointment. If you cancel within 8 hours of the start of your appointment, you will be charged 50% of the treatment price. If you fail to attend your appointment without cancelling, you will be charged the full price.

Please switch off your mobile phones while you are at the mountain spa.


Sauna is a true treat for your body and senses. To make your visit as pleasant as possible, please take note of the following rules. Always be considerate to those sharing the sauna space with you.

Taking a shower before your sauna visit is essential. This is not only for hygienic reasons: the natural layer of oil on our skin delays sweating, which increases the risk of hyperthermia. Dry yourself well. Dry skin sweats more easily.
Go to the toilet before your visit: sauna stimulates kidney activity.

A tip for beginners: choose a bench at a medium or low height at first. Hot air rises, so the higher you sit, the hotter the air around you will be.
Please cover the bench with your sauna towel so that your body does not touch the wood. Lying on your back is good, too. If you prefer sitting upright, it is best to rest your feet on the bench. This ensures that your body parts are at the same temperature.
We recommend staying for 8–15 minutes. Of course, only stay for as long as you feel comfortable.

Ensure that your cool-down phase is as long as the time you spent heating up. Normally, the sauna and cool-down cycle is repeated up to three times.
A cold shower is very important after your stay in the sauna. In addition, you can use our foot bath (approx. 40 degrees Celsius) to cool down.
If you use the hose to cool down, always move the water jet towards your heart. Start at your feet and slowly move the water jet upwards to your groin. Now, cool your arms from your hands to your shoulders. Start with the outside of your right leg/arm, then cool down the inside.
Make sure to replenish the liquids you have sweated out in the sauna. Flavoured water and tea are available free of charge.
Do not wash with shower gel or soap after your last sauna cycle. A little moisturiser is enough.
Your body wants fresh air now. If the weather is pleasant, spend some time relaxing on our sun terrace.

Slippers and swimwear: Please take off your slippers before entering the sauna. If you prefer not to be in the nude, simply cover your hip and chest with a towel.
Warm showers: To take advantage of the health benefits of your sauna visit, you must cool down with cold water or fresh air.
Naked skin on wood: Please ensure that your sweat and naked skin are only in contact with your sauna towel and not the wood itself.
Stress: Set aside ample time for your sauna visit and free yourself from your everyday worries.
Loud voices: Be considerate towards the people sharing the sauna space with you. Enjoy the silence and relaxation in our comfortable saunas.
Towels: Please also be considerate towards the environment. Only take as many sauna towels as you really need. Our cleaning team will be grateful if you place your used towels in the baskets provided.

Please do not visit the sauna if you are feeling unwell or ill. This also includes chronic illness such as severe heart or lung conditions, inflammatory diseases, kidney disease, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, a beginning or existing cold, flu, etc.
Regular visits to the sauna are a great way of preventing colds.