You know what you want – and you know where to get it. A digital detox paired with the chance to soak up the impressive splendour of nature. Treat yourself to a fabulous stay where you can relax in a peaceful atmosphere, play all kinds of sports and indulge in extravagant meals. At our exclusive 4-star superior mountain spa hotel, you will find a way of life that is just for a selected few...

Everything always works out for the best!

Just as the sun comes out after the rain, restrictions are now being lifted after lockdown. We are delighted to be back at your service. The measures we are required to put into place by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health may have an impact on certain elements of your visit: thank you for your understanding. Please help us to comply with these measures – just like our special guest James Bond does.


How about a holiday in Brigels?
Sounds excellent!

Our mountain spa hotel is simply excellent – and so is Brigels itself. It has the most beautiful vistas of anywhere in the Grisons and more days of sunshine than any other place in Switzerland. Plus, it is won awards from the ADAC, and rightly so! We hope you have a wonderful time during your holiday in Brigels, a rustic village nestled amidst the mountains of Grisons.

Take some time for yourself and what you really want

Spread out in spacious surroundings without sacrificing an ounce of cosiness. Soak up our rustic alpine surroundings without giving up all the modern conveniences. At our romantic hotel, this is possible – and then some.

Let everything go – even just for a moment

Allow time to stand still and feel energy flow back to you. This energy comes from water, the source of all life. Feeling blissfully relaxed from head to toe is a breeze. At least, that is the case at our spa hotel, which has been crowned the ‘World’s Best Alpine Spa Hotel’ by “Senses”.

Rudis capuns:
a Swiss speciality which are sinfully delicious.

You sit down at the table. The menu is a poem. The wine list is practically a novel. Yes, we love indulging in the finer things in life from time to time. We are passionate about treating our guests to exquisite culinary creations made from the finest regional ingredients.

Even More

  • Special offers

    No matter whether you have booked an early bird deal or a mid-week special, a spa offer or a romantic package, the La Val mountain hotel will take your breath away again and again with tempting special offers for solo travellers, couples and groups. Check back every so often for a chance to save a pretty penny!

  • Private events

    From business meetings, to weddings or special anniversary celebrations, La Val is the place to be.

    Your guests will be amazed by our unique alpine ambience and excellent service.

  • Activities

    There are all kinds of fascinating activities on offer in Brigels.

    They run the gamut from a perfectly manicured golf course to the utterly pristine forest and jagged rock formations of the untouched Val Frisal. Plenty of variety is guaranteed and so is a chance to enjoy the outdoors as never before!

  • Your hosts

    Chris Wieghardt and Tim Bennewitz simply could not be more enthusiastic about Brigels and they are masters at ensuring their guests will come to share their enthusiasm, too. They draw on their warmth and passion, not to mention the excellent La Val team, to make your holiday dreams come true.

Dogs at La Val

Woof woof! Our young Australian Labradoodle Rui is delighted to welcome you and your four-legged friends to our hotel! Do not want to leave your beloved pet at home while you’re enjoying the best time of the year? We completely understand you! At La Val, you can enjoy our unique combination of holiday atmosphere, a round on the golf course, a session in the spa, delicious meals and an invigorating hike.

What our customers say

«We were completely satisfied with our stay: a stunningly beautiful room, wonderfully peaceful, beautifully designed spa facilities and an excellent four-course dinner. And while we were enjoying all that, we could charge our Tesla for free in the underground car park. What more could you want?»

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