The village of Brigels

Burnt brown farmhouses, ancient churches and winding alleys characterise the charming village of Brigels. A lively, authentic village that has retained its original character. A retreat for relaxed days away from the hustle and bustle.

The ancient village centre with its sun-browned wooden houses tells of another time. Brigels, or Breil as it is called in Rhaeto-Romanic, retains its own tranquillity. Here the hustle and bustle stays outside. No through traffic disturbs the idyll, and the few guests appreciate this oasis of relaxation, which seems like a sunny paradise, far away from everyday life.

Brigels offers a balanced range of activities for unforgettable mountain holidays: Marked hiking trails lead to impressive peaks, appealing mountain bike trails offer thrills, the idyllic bathing lake promises refreshment. Enjoy the summer offers of the mountain railways, play golf on the panoramic golf course, have fun on the entertaining mini-golf course and experience many other highlights that will make your time here unforgettable.

What to do in the snow?

Winter activities

If you're staying a little longer, we've put together a few ideas on how you could spend your days.

What to do in summer?

Summer activities

From a relaxing walk before dinner to a multi-day tour in the high mountains, in Brigels you will find the right trail for every will. Over 150 kilometres of hiking and mountain trails make sure of that. From the hotel down to the banks of the Rhine and up to 2729 metres above sea level. Pssst! just between us: a foray through "Uaul Scatlè", the highest spruce primeval forest in Europe, is particularly worthwhile. But don't tell anyone!

Where to go?

Excursion destinations

Regardless of the season, there are some must-see things in and around Brigels.