Good things come in (not so) small packages

Brigels enjoys more sunshine than almost anywhere else in Switzerland, with this ski resort topping the table in the ADAC’s ‘small but perfectly formed’ category. The golf course located on Brigels’ panoramic plateau is legendary, while the countless secluded BBQ sites really draw the crowds in summer. On the other hand, Europe’s highest spruce forest is less well-known. It’s called Uaul Scatlè and it is...well, we will not tell you where it is! Brigels is calling you – discover a truly unique village.

The village of Brigels

The centuries-old heart of the village is packed with wooden houses tanned brown by the mountain sun. In fact, the village of Brigels, or Breil, as it is known, has not quite made it to the 21st century. Time passes differently here. Who is going to tell its residents about the hustle and bustle of modern life? There is no through traffic and the handful of holidaymakers want to keep their relaxing oasis just how it is: a sun-soaked paradise, a real gem that is as far as it could be from everyday life.


Summer has always been shorter and more intense in the mountains than on the plains. The same is true here: in the summer months, the mountains around Brigels become a veritable natural paradise. And it is all yours! Mass tourism and being overrun by visitors are foreign concepts here. Relax, discover the outdoors and there is more than enough reason to be amazed! A huge range of leisure activities are on offer: hiking, cycling, golfing, tennis, climbing and Nordic walking. You can even go river rafting in the nearby Rhine gorge.


Brigels. We have got one of the most beautiful golf courses in the whole of Switzerland. The sun-soaked Tschuppina plateau is home to a wonderful 9-hole course. And how can you get there? It’s just a few minutes’ from our hotel! The backdrop makes the experience even more stunning, but we all know variety is the spice of life and we can also recommend two other golf courses nearby: another 9-hole course in Sedrun (28 km), and the 18-hole course at Buna Vista Golf in Sagogn (21.5 km), which is a little closer.


From a relaxed stroll before dinner to a multi-day hike across the mountain passes, Brigels has the perfect path for any walker, with more than 150 kilometres of hiking routes. They run from the hotel down to the banks of the Rhine and right up into the mountains, at a lofty 2729 metres above sea level. And, just between us, a wander through Uaul Scatlè, Europe’s highest spruce forest, is particularly worth it. But do not tell anyone else!


If you prefer to take it easy, hire an e-bike from one of our partners and pedal away until the last battery light starts blinking. Of course, that is not enough for ambitious types. They can still get their fill, though, thanks to a bike network stretching 1299 kilometres from the source of the Rhine to its gorge, with trails for every level of difficulty. Still not enough? Then you are a perfect candidate for the ‘Tura Roiala’ or ‘Royal Tour’, which climbs no less than 2700 metres over 71 km. This ‘tortura’ even poses a challenge for the most hardened riders. Craving a particular bike? No problem! La Val guests can rent bikes and e-bikes from our local partners at reduced prices.


Brigels is a veritable paradise for winter visitors, too, with cross-country skiing trails and slopes of every colour, toboggan runs, winter hiking routes and the opportunity to take ski tours. There is sun and snow, relaxation and fun for days. And because your luggage tends to be somewhat bulkier in winter than in summer, you can rent sledges and snowshoes from us for free. Enjoy!

Skiing & snowboarding

Lots of sun, lots of snow, lots of slopes – and hardly any people. That has been Brigels’ recipe for success for a while now. And while you are quite literally standing on people’s toes at other resorts, you can squeeze in another downhill run in Brigels. That is how it should be! So, it is no surprise that the ADAC travel magazine crowned our ski resort the victor of its ‘small but perfectly formed’ category. And by the way, you can easily walk to the valley station and snowsports school from our hotel. If you are after an even easier ride, take the free local bus!

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